rudolphsb9 asked:

Team National Treasure: we should totally make that happen.

justin-bartha answered:

So far we are 6 on the National Treasure Team!!! But yeah we should all rent a movie theater and watch all the NT together and be so passionate together!! Even tough we all probably live on different country or continent ;)))) but yeah it always nice to find people like you in love with these movie!!!!!













Who are the others? I feel like I should know these people.

Yes, we really should arrange to fly somewhere, en masse, rent a theatre and play the National Treasure movies. Or meet in some big city theatre and watch NT3 whenever it finally comes out.

The other i know are
and the runner of
an other personal but who dont necesseraly blog about NT!! But we should totally do a list of the NT team!!! We should totally watch the movie in Washington near the declaration of independance!!!!

Let us list the members, and we should probably create a blog to serve as our hub, to meet and talk NT like crazy.

And I agree with your idea of watching it in DC near the Declaration. Not to mention the President, the two major targets of the first two NT movies, and also great sources of trailer fodder. (Who can forget “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.” or “I’m gonna kidnap the President of the United States.”?) That would be all kinds of fun, except everywhere you go the staff treats you like a terrorist, which is my least favorite part about that city. Anyway. It’s a good idea, though.

Im going to New York this summer an i already know im gonna take multiple selfie with the trinity church and the Wall Street/Broadway street!!! Ughh yess lets create a colony of NT fan!!!

Let’s do it. I alerted foleyz to the existence of the NT team, if he/she didn’t know already. But yes, there needs to be a lot more of us all congregated somewhere.

YO TEAM NATIONAL TREASURE I AM IN (hey wait that spells TNT how awesome is that) (I’m a she and I DIDN’T KNOW HOW DID I NOT KNOW OH MY GOSH)

Cool, so we’re like, the three fangirls. The TNT thing reminds me of Powell preparing the bricks of C4 to break into the archives with. (At least, I’m pretty sure it was C4.) There are others, like the person who runs heckyeahnationaltreasure and a couple of others, but there should really be more of us. I’m considering establishing a sideblog just for the team so we can congregate and discuss and possibly arrange to all watch NT3 (or NT and NT2. Or both) somewhere or at the same time. Basically to just be a hub for us, like our stolen catering truck!

Yesss do a sideblog for the team!!!!! :)))))


New member welcome nuggetsofthechicken :))))))

… is this something I can become a part of

Yess is should totally make a list!!

Whoa whoa whoa now. This is an actual thing I’m a part of. I’m honored. :’)

So today, I walked into my theatre class and my teacher announced that we were going to watch “National Treasure”. I was literally shaking and I’m pretty sure that my heart was beating at an alarming rate. But that’s not what’s important. WE WATCHED NATIONAL TREASURE AND I FANGIRLED SO BADLY THAT IM PRETTY SURE NONE OF MY CLASSMATES WILL EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. BUT THAT’S OK, I HAVE NATIONAL TREASURE.

Getting to Know Me *TAG*

Getting to know Ellie!~~

My wonderful follower sent me this in my ask. I hope you enjoy getting to know me and continue this on as this goes around!

When you find this in your ask share five facts about yourself and then pass it onto your ten favourite followers :)

Let’s get started! I’ll start off with 5 “National Treasure” facts and head into 5 “Ellie” facts.
1) National Treasure is life. There are no arguments.
2) D.C is my favorite, favorite favorite!
3) This week, I watched National Treasure to celebrate Dance Team auditions. 
4) I always have the urge to watch National Treasure when I’m supposed to be doing something else that’s productive. 
5) It’s always bugged me that Ben said that Riley could have the finders fee if the ever found another treasure at the end of the first movie. But in the second movie, he seems to have forgotten all about it. It just bugs me. Continuity error? I think yes. 
Now onto Ellie facts~~
1) I’m currently watching all four seasons of The O.C. and I am so obsessed with this show that its unreal. 
2) I love love love any kind of tea. 
3) I think I’m the only teenager ever who listens to jazz music in their free time. 
4) I recently made the dance team at my school (and celebrated by watching National Treasure)
5) I can quote both Princess Diaries movies, both National Treasures and The Lizzie McGuire movie, word for word. 
And that’s everything for this post! If you would like to, keep asking questions, feel free to!